Key innovation to speed up key part of new product introduction process

Key innovation to speed up key part of new product introduction process

Monday, Mar 11, 2019

Leading Yield Management Service provider, yieldHUB announced the launch of their latest tool: yieldHUB Characterize. This powerful new module speeds up a key part of the New Product Introduction process.

yieldHUB is a global yield management software provider. With its head office in Ireland, its employees and customers are around the world. Founded in 2005, the company develops new products based on feedback from the market and their customers. yieldHUB Characterize is their latest offering.

Characterization of new silicon is time consuming and critical to their customers. The whole purpose of Characterization is to come to a deep understanding of the performance of a chip across all specified conditions. Often done in desk-top packages such as Excel, the reports are prone to manual error and have often to be redone if outliers or bogus units are detected.

In response to this, yieldHUB launched yieldHUB Characterize. It leverages the huge RAM and compute power of their server side data model to produce previously unattainable report speed, depth and comprehensiveness in characterization.

Speaking about the innovation, John O’Donnell, CEO, yieldHUB said “The characterization of a new product (or any new silicon for that matter) is complex and time consuming. We realized that there had to be a better way to speed up and improve characterization, especially if we took advantage of the power of our server-side technology.  We developed yieldHUB Characterize to allow Test Engineers to automate as much of the report generation as possible and easily go back and update it by applying new filters. The benefits of it are hugely increased analytical power and visualisation in a fraction of the time normally used to generate Characterization reports. The reports are generated in typically servers of at least 64GB or RAM and a dozen or more CPUs, either on our AWS system in the cloud or in the hybrid cloud of our customers”.

yieldHUB Characterize is expected to make waves in the semiconductor industry. A number of companies, including a billion dollar fabless startup in the UK and a multi-billion dollar US multinational, use a beta version and already are seeing the big advantages of successfully using this exciting capability even with chips having hundreds and hundreds of pins with many different conditions possible for each pin.

yieldHUB Characterize is ideal for Test Engineers in the semiconductor, aerospace and automotive fields.  It is cloud-based and can be easily generated from compatible datalogs. It is scalable and supports hundreds of tests, thousands of pins and multiple conditions.

The module is available now. To book a demo please contact Marie at: or +353 61 541 27