ITL Programs

Current Programs of Information Technology Leadership Group

The ITL  is designed to help meet challenges facing industry through:

    SEMI-Annual CIO Forums:

    By rotation, members host a 2-day forum twice yearly at their headquarters where participating CIOs meet to work through the issues that are confronting them today.  Unlike other similarly named events, our CIO Forum focuses on topics in the Strategic space closest to Operations so the information shared is immediately applicable to solving real-time concerns.

    Annual IT Benchmarks:

    These studies are the heart of each year’s forum discussions.  Participants release detailed information regarding their operational budgets, processes and staffing, in-depth applications, landscape maps, and strategic plans.  Data is shared in an NDA protected environment.


    Subject matter experts within the IT domain, such as the InfoSec and Applications groups, meet for 4-8 hours face-to-face or via video conference to tackle specific issues brought forth by the CIOs and share invaluable use-cases on current innovations. Background benchmarks are conducted prior to each event providing attendees with insights into each other’s needs and expectations.

    Subject specific survey, webinars and meetings:

    Each quarter, members are invited to join a number of educational web conferences, single topic surveys, and small networking sessions on subjects such as, applications upgrades, project planning, risk assessment and category spend.


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