FOA Working Groups


The Fab Owners Alliance's Working Groups

The Fab Owners Alliance's working groups meet regularly to discuss and act on common manufacturing issues by combining strengths and resources to maintain and increase their global competitiveness. 

Human Resources (HR)

Provide a forum for Human Resources (HR) professionals to discuss common issues like hiring and retaining top talent and expanding diversity. The team also collaborate yearly to create an annual HR metrics survey.

Inter DM Tools

Provide a medium through which device maker fabs can communicate to one another regarding tools they are selling or tools they are waiting for release. 

Equipment Engineers & Maintenance Managers (EE & MM)

Discuss issues regarding opportunity and concern for team members. Members of the working groups meet face to face once a year to discuss topics more in-depth. Topics includes:

  • Top cost savings ideas
  • Tool/Parts obsolescence
  • Second source suppliers (parts & skills)
  • Workforce recruitment


Share semiconductor site facilities best practices with each other. Support each other during site specific events by sharing experiences and making suggestions to resolve site specific issues.


The SMART Team was established for a period of 6 months to create an extensive reliability survey. 


Provide a forum for EHS professionals to discuss best practices and issues common to semiconductor manufacturing companies.​

Industrial Engineering 

The team meets once a year face to face, typically at the FOA Q4 meeting to discuss fab operation related topics.