FlexTech Members Only

Members of SEMI-FlexTech, SEMI's strategic association partner, connect through online communities. Here they can access a variety of Member only content as well as network. 

What content is posted by our members in the FlexTech Member Only community?

  •      ►     FlexTech member news
  •      ►     Industry resources
  •      ►     Job openings
  •      ►     Networking opportunities
  •      ►     Newsletters
  •      ►     Proceedings from SEMI-FlexTech's Flexible Electronics events 
  •      ►     Upcoming events


Premier members of SEMI-FlexTech have their own communities for the Technical Council and Governing Council. Membership opportunities at this level can be discussed with SEMI-FlexTech leadership. 

Content in these online communities includes:

  •      ►     Meeting minutes 
  •      ►     Recording of ongoing R&D Project Presentations
  •      ►     RFP planning discussions 


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